Tobacco Dependence and Treatment for

Smokers with Co-occurring Mental Illness

Welcome to Tobacco Dependence & Treatment for Smokers with Co-occurring Mental Illness.


Compared to those in the general population, individuals living with a mental illness and/or a substance use disorder smoke more, die younger, and suffer disproportionately from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer, all diseases and conditions directly associated with, and exacerbated by, smoking.


This training was developed to equip health professional students and practicing clinicians, across all disciplines, with evidence-based knowledge and skills to assist patients with co-occurring mental illness and/or substance use disorders to quit smoking. After completing this online training, each participant will be able to: (1) identify factors associated with tobacco use and dependence among persons with co-occurring mental illness; (2) recognize the importance of engaging in cessation interventions with this population of smokers; and (3) assist their patients in quitting smoking within their scope of professional practice.


Nurses, social workers, pharmacists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals all have a significant role in tobacco dependence treatment. We encourage you to learn more about how to help persons with a mental illness and/or substance use disorder to achieve a tobacco free life. Please review the instructions for using this course before beginning.


To complete this self-paced training, explore each of the training areas. Each section builds on the concepts from the previous area. After finishing the final section, each participant will take a 10 question test and must score at least an 80% to complete the course. The test can be taken more than once to earn a passing score. Upon successful completion, a certificate will be generated and can be printed or accessed at any time.


Adobe Flash Player is required for this module. It can be downloaded for free at here. This module requires the use of audio equipment. Please ensure that speakers or headsets are available prior to initiating this module. A (insert sound/speaker image here) will be present when audio will be used. Text files for narration are available in the resource section.


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