Introduction to

Motivational Interviewing


Welcome to Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (MI) for healthcare and allied healthcare providers. MI can be used across all disciplines of medicine and behavioral healthcare. This training is designed to be a brief introduction to the theory and skills of Motivational Interviewing for the use within healthcare conversations.It was developed for individuals within graduate medical or behavioral health programs, healthcare, or allied healthcare workplaces. After completing this one-hour module, each participant should be able to identify the main elements of MI and several skills associated with this conversation style. This teaching exercise is not intended to prepare participants to use MI right away. Instead, participants are encouraged to attend a face-to-face training that facilitates practice and application of the concepts introduced in this module.

This course is based on Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change
(3rd ed.)
, (Miller & Rollnick, 2013).

Please review the instructions for using this course before beginning.


Instructions on using this course

To complete this self-paced training, explore each of the training areas. Each section builds on the concepts from the previous area. Users can move forward and backwards through the modules, but they must complete each section before proceeding to the next topic. After finishing the final section, each participant will take a 10 question test and must score at least an 80% to complete the course. The test can be taken more than once to earn a passing score.

This module can be completed in one or more visits. Progress will be stored automatically when a user logs out.

Upon successful completion of the module, a certificate will be generated and can be printed or accessed at any time.

Course Requirements

This module requires the use of audio equipment. Please ensure that speakers or headsets are available prior to initiating this module. Text files for narration are available in the resource section.


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